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Updated website

written by Matthew Rensberry on 2022-06-06

I have just transitioned this website from Wordpress to a static site. This was not the easiest of transitions, but should increase security moving forward and hopefully even loading speed.

For those wanting to do something similar, this was my thought process and how I did it:

  1. I found a static site generator called Pelican that is able to import and existing wordpress xml export to create a static site
  2. I wanted to use Lektor long term to create and update my static site/blog, so I wrote a python script to convert the Pelican output into Lektor content
  3. Since I have a gallery, I had to figure out how to set that up on a static site, and wrote a bash script to resize all photos, create thumbnails, and automatically create the html - I found a simple video instruction to follow (see here).

For this website, I am currently also using newcss and lightbox2.

For now, I publish ... though there is some cleanup still left to do.