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Music to Study/Work to

written by Matthew Rensberry on 2023-03-22

Many things we use to help us be productive actually distract us and make us less productive. A lot of people gravitate to music to help them work or study better.

Unfortunately, this can easily backfire as your brain might be singing along in the background and pulling attention away from what you work on. This idea is counterintuitive, but some music can be good background music.

What music works to help you get things done?

Video Game Music

I have heard that video game music is a good choice. Video games are built with themes that blend well together and are psychologically developed to keep you interested and involved. This can be great for productivity!

LoFi Music

Some other options include classical music or LoGi music. LoFi has become a classic choice recently. A relaxing yet productive background!

Enjoy these options:


My favorite and my go to music for productivity, though, is House music. I enjoy the channel Dogg Lounge the best. Here is an example: