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written by Matthew Rensberry, MD MBA on 2015-05-06

I love the idea of [automaticity]:

Automating what you can in life so that you can think about the things that are important to think about, do the things that are important to do, enjoy the things that you truly enjoy, and prioritize the things you want to concentrate on.

I have found the key to freeing up time for the activities I want to participate in; finding the energy to live an interesting life ... is finding ways to have the routine things work routinely, and taking time to be mindful and enjoy the activities that are interesting.

I have decided that for me to live the life I want to live, I need to budget 3 things:

  1. My time
  2. My money
  3. My calories

Next, the all important budgeting takes place.

[My time]

It was eye opening when I wrote out the first draft of my time budget. Where you invest your time is truly where you place your values into action. To approach my time budget, I followed Harry Kraemer's idea that there are only 168 hours in a week and every activity should be budgeted. This has the potential to become too time-consuming itself, but here are a few important guidelines, in my opinion:

Here are strategies to make the most of the time you have:

[My Money]

There are many ways to budget your money. I have tried several but have only found one to work for me - a spreadsheet. I love the idea behind the envelope system, and I hope to have that as part of my site someday, but for now, I have not found a good solution I like (GoodBudgetcomes close). For this reason, I budget my money using a spreadsheet from Vertex42. I find this spreadsheet to do all I want. I can budget out the year, and once a month, I enter in all my transactions from the previous month for improved accuracy. This is automated with a calendar reminder.

As much as possible, I have all my payments automated as well. My credit cards are paid every month, utilities, internet, Netflix, etc. In this way, I do not have to think about them on a recurring basis, but I do have a chance to review them once a month to assure no errors.

As for automation, I use and its appto help me stay on top of my money situation on a day to day level.

[My Calories]

I am convinced that in today's world, for people to remain weight neutral or to lose weight, they must count calories. I find that the app, MyFitnessPal, handles this best.

There are activity trackers you can use as well to improve on your calorie expenditure (I use RunKeeperand Garmin), but I think these are less important.

While it has been argued that the most effective diet is to eliminate all junk food, I think the easiest lifestyle healthy diet is: Portion control, eating less processed foods, not drinking carbonated beverages, avoid fake foods (artificial sweeteners, imitation cheese/butter, etc) (Ref 6).


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