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written by Matthew Rensberry on 2022-11-11

Gas prices

Today, the price of gas in the USA is: $3.794. Here in Florida, it is $3.575.

How does this break down?

Federal Excise Tax:

Florida Taxes:

State taxes cover a wide range of rates, including

County and City taxes:

(County and municipal taxes are not included in state taxes)

Typical Breakdown:

According to AAA:

Some Notes


How to save money on gasoline

  1. Shopping choices
    • Use price-comparison apps to find the cheapest gas stations along your normal driving routes or when traveling.
    • Pay with cash to avoid credit card fees or use a credit card with fuel rewards.
    • Join grocery store and/or gas app fuel *rewards programs and use them whenever possible.
    • Check the owner’s manual for the recommended minimum octane gas for your vehicle and use it. Only use premium grade if your vehicle’s manufacturer requires it.
    • Fill up early in the week as gas prices tend to be lowest on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  2. Driving habits
    • Plan your routes to minimize driving time. Do errands close to home or work.
    • Carpool with friends and co-workers with similar schedules.
    • Reduce idling time when leaving or waiting.
    • Use cruise control on highways and only when reasonable and safe.
    • Reduce the use of the A/C by using a sun shield or parking in the shade. Open windows whenever possible when driving below 30 mph.
    • Slow down and follow the speed limit.
    • Brake and accelerate smoothly. Whenever possible, coast to glide to a stop.
    • Adjust your speed to time traffic lights to minimize wasteful acceleration and braking.
    • Remove excess weight from your vehicle.
  3. Vehicle maintenance.
    • Buy the most fuel-efficient model in your preferred vehicle class or drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle of those you already own.
    • Stay up-to-date with your vehicle’s service recommendations. Don’t ignore the “Check Engine” light.
    • Check your tire pressure often, especially before long road trips. Most mechanics will check tire pressure for free.
    • Be sure your gas cap seals properly and replace it as needed.
    • Remove racks and other roof cargo that create wind resistance, reducing gas mileage.
    • Change your vehicle’s oil and use the correct grade of oil recommended for your vehicle.