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Who - Find the right person for the position

I just read a book recommended to me on finding the right people to hire: Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street.

It is a great, practical guide to finding the best fit for your organization.

Here is the "A" Method:

Make your Scorecard

How to Source

Interview techniques

  1. 3 P's to clarify how valuable an accomplishment was:
    1. How did your Performance compare to the previous year's performance?
    2. How did your Performance compare to the plan?
    3. How did your Performance compare to that of peers?
  2. People who perform well are generally [pulled] to greater opportunities
    1. Push - "It was mutual." "It was time for me to leave." "My boss and I did not get along."
    2. Pull - "My biggest client hired me." "My old boss recruited me to a bigger job."

Candidate flags during hiring process:

How to select "A" Players

The Screening Interview
The Who Interview (Walk chronologically through a candidates Career with 5 questions for each job)
Focused Interview(s)
Candidate Discussion
The Reference Interview
Final Decision

How to sell A Players

Identify which of the 5 F's really matter to the candidate:

Create and execute a plan to address the relevant F's during the five waves of selling:

Avoid legal problems

Avoid illegal questions - Anything to do with:


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