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The Upside of Inequality

This book, The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class, written by Edward Conard, is a heavy book on economics.

I enjoyed this book and its content. It makes sense to me and he describes my concerns with the quantitative easing season we recently went through in our country.

My criticism is with his writing style. Without a base interest in the subject, you might not get through this book. The book hits you with point after point after point. Just as soon as something clicks and you have an aha moment, you get drowned in more economics.

In the end, if you think the best thing for our country is redistribution of wealth, this book will challenge your thoughts. If you think the only fair situation is to give more to tax the rich more to help the poor, this book will challenge your ideas.

Mr. Conard describes how through the use of the stimulus mentality, we might have slowed our recovery, through our undisciplined absorption of many immigrants we have slowed both our and the worlds economical growth, yet we still managed to find jobs for these immigrants and grow our economy nonetheless.

This book is both optimistic and pessimistic. Whether you agree or disagree with the political side these economic ideas seem to reside on, it is a good read for theory and understanding from a different perspective.


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