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The Bed of Procrustes

This book by one of my favorite authors, Nassim Taleb, reads like a collection of proverbs.

Here are some that stood out to me:

Success is becoming in middle adulthood what you dreamed to be in late childhood. The rest comes from loss of control.

The fastest way to become rich is to socialize with the poor; the fastest way to become poor is to socialize with the rich.

People focus on role models; it is more effective to find antimodels - people you don't want to resemble when you grow up.

In classical renderings of prominent figures, males are lean and females are plump; in modern photographs, the opposite.

Nation-states like war; city-states like commerce; families like stability; and individuals like entertainment.

You know you have influence when people start noticing your absence more than the presence of others.


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