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Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life


I listened to the audiobook of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected by Jason Hanson. This book is written by a guy who is likely over prepared, but should an exceedingly rare event occur to him, he will be ready.

He does have some good advice sprinkled throughout and I took some notes:

He argues that to survive, you should be paying attention. This resonated with me given I just read an outstanding book called Visual Intelligence.

Here are his [Survival Intelligence Rules]:
1) Practice adaptability
2) Be self reliant
3) Don't be a hero
4) Movement saves lives
5) Perception is everything
6) Notice baselines - what is normal?
7) Practice situational awareness at all times

He then moves into what it means to have [Situational Awareness]:

Movement (Get off the X): People who move, live

It can happen to you - fight normalcy bias

Establish a baseline:

The author walks readers through his idea of [Escape Kits]:

He suggests building up and maintaining a year of food/water

What to do in a disaster:

Protecting your house:

For Home Defense:

Travel safety:

Hotel Safety:

If you suspect you are [Being Followed] test the person:

Counter surveillance techniques:

I will likely use some of these in my daily life, but I think the bigger picture is to know the risks are low and do only high value activities.


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