My distractions


I listened to the audiobook Sidetracked by Francesca Gino. This book goes into the psychology of how we get sidetracked in our decision making.

She shares these 9 principles to avoid becoming sidetracked in our decision making:

  1. Raise your awareness - be mindful
  2. Take your emotional temperature - recognize your emotional state when making decisions
  3. Zoom out - don't focus too narrowly on the decisions on hand
  4. Take the other party's point of view - understand where they are coming from
  5. Question your bonds - we easily make bonds, this can be helpful but can also derail us
  6. Check your reference points - we constantly check those around us for comparisons
  7. Consider your sources - Evaluate who you use to gather information for decisions
  8. Investigate and question the frame - simple framing changes can drastically change motivations and outcomes
  9. Make your standards shine - remind yourself of your standards as this will make them stick

These are great points to keep in mind in both personal life and work life


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