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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Few books change the way you view how the World works. I was not expecting this one to open my eyes to how foreign policy works across the globe like it did.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man was an incredible story of how we in the US have used our financial system combined with our foreign policy to create enormous influence and an imperial power.

As I read news stories now from what is going on in Venezuela, to Iran, to the Middle East peace process, and others, I see them through a new lens.

The topic is simple to grasp, but difficult to unravel. Things are conflicting, as we all desire peace, and stability brings peace. The problem with the system is some people will flourish while others flounder. It is not fair.

This is the system at work in the World right now, and it is replicated by Russia and China. This book opened the curtain to world economics in ways I did not expect. Recommended read.


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