CFM Annual 5k (est. 2017)

Here is the 5k/10k route my friends and I created for the 2017 CFM retreat in Cocoa Beach: Click here if the map does not play. Route map for CFM Retreat 5k/10k by Matthew Rensberry on

A Short Guide to a Long Life

I would like to think that I do not recommend a lot of books whose overall theme is hwo to live healthy. Reading A Short Guide to a Long Life by David B. Agus is worth every minute spent. Dr Agus does a greaat job encouraging evidence based behaviors which will help you live a long life….

Healthy Living

Yesterday, the European Code Against Cancer was released. It is a list of 12 things to help avoid cancer. As a physician, I would argue that this is much more than that, it is a code for healthy living. Many of these points protect against other common chronic diseases or at least delay onset and help ease their management….

Once a Runner

I read this book because I read in Runners World that it was the best fiction book written on running. As I do not like fiction, it took me a bit to get into it, but once I finally did, I really liked it. The book taught me a lot about the track world. I…