What Would the Great Economists Do?

This was an interesting book, where the author (Linda Yueh) walked through big ideas from historically influential economists and demonstrated how their ideas remain pertinent in today’s modern world.  She provides the stories of their life that helped them shape their ideas.

The Barefoot Investor

I love reading books on finances, so I read The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. I did not realize this was a financial book by an Australian author and for an Australian audience. Still, the author presented an overall great plan for personal finances.

Stop Acting Rich

I just finished the book, Stop Acting Rich: And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire by Thomas J. Stanley. This was an alright book (I thought his book, The Millionaire Next Door, was better written), but his points are salient. Here are some ideas I took away from the book. Most rich people become wealthy…

2014 Social Media Lookback

What did I learn regarding social media in 2014? I learned I did not need Facebook in my life anymore. Early this year, I deactivated my Facebook account. I did this hesitantly as I was worried of a bit of personal FOMO. I had a lot of connections (friends) on Facebook, and I worried I would…

My new phone is a flip-phone

On October 28, 2014 I began a personal experiment to wean myself from smartphone dependence, so I got myself a Samsung Flip-Phone. I will attempt to describe my reasoning for trying such a “far out” experience. Once upon a time, cell phones did not exist – actually, before that, at one point phones did not exist,…

General Financial Advice

Here is a collection of advice I have gathered from several sources and experiences. I am using this to also lead a teaching discussion. Personal Finance – Notecard version: Max your 401k or equivalent employee contribution. Buy inexpensive, well diversified mutual funds such as Vanguard Target 20XX funds. Never buy or sell an individual security….

My Best Facebook Lists

To date, these are my best Facebook lists that I can find. There is actually 1 more I wish I could find, but somehow lost 🙁  Number “8” seems to always add character!!!   Today, I found out a friend of mine, SFC LeBoeuf, just finalized his 3rd divorce last week. Given his vast experience…