Just Mercy

I recently finished reading a powerful book called, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson. This very moving book will challenge you. It is an important read that I highly encourage all Americans to read.

Who – Find the right person for the position

I just read a book recommended to me on finding the right people to hire: Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street. It is a great, practical guide to finding the best fit for your organization. Here is the “A” Method: Scorecard What do you want Source Find great people Select Select/identify the person Sell…

Bottle of Lies

A book to change the way you practice… I just finished reading, Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom by Katherine Eban. This book tells the story of how generic medicines came to the American market, how the US health system has leaned on their lower prices, and the many difficulties…

Elastic Thinking

From the book, “Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Constantly Changing World,” by L. Mlodinow The difference between “Where is Paris” and “Where would you like to go on vacation” demonstrates elastic thought. One is a fact, the other requires you to combine facts with preferences. The need to make your own measures for a choice…

Lessons from Lucy

I just finished listening to the book, Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog by Dave Barry. It was full of some wise life lessons shared by Mr. Barry as he observed his dog. In the book, he gave himself a grade on how well he did with each lesson. He…

Re-homing a captured swarm

A friend caught this swarm in his swarm trap. He graciously offered them to us. Here we are transferring them into their new Langstroth home in our backyard apiary! BONUS: The video ends with a new bee being born!


Great is the power of steady misrepresentation. — Charles Darwin


“I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real.” James Halliday (from Ready Player One by Ernest Cline)

The Art of the Deal

I read this book, written by our current President when he was much younger back in 1987. I read it to try to gain insight into how he thinks and why he acts the way he does. I remember reading a news article about Dennis Rodman giving Kim Jong Un a copy of the book…